10 Ways PPC Can Help Your SEO Campaigns !

There are many people who consider PPC and SEO as two separate strategies. They are different some or the other, however, there are many ways in which pay per click or PPC strategy can help search engine optimization. In fact they are the two sides of the same coin- search.

There are many ways and methods in which PPC can help SEO and lead to a successful search strategy. The following are the ten ways how PPC strategies can help you in complementing the SEO:

1) Increasing visibility with PPC

The most visible benefit of combining PPC and SEO strategies is the added exposure on search engine result pages (SERPs). The clients however want to reduce the PPC efforts the moment they see the ranks reaching on the top. But the fact is that the top two or three search results are usually the PPC ads. Hence the visibility factor can increase with PPC efforts. By dominating the organic and paid search results, you can certainly see an increase in traffic.

2) By sharing keyword data

When you simultaneously run organic and PPC campaigns, you get double data to analyze. You can therefore determine which organic and PPC keywords have the maximum of conversion rate and use this information to optimize your overall strategy.

3) By using top performing PPC ad copy to enlighten your organic content strategy

The strategies that work for PPC can prove beneficial for SEO. When you determine PPC ads result in most of the conversions, you can get good ideas to create title tags, page content and meta descriptions for the pages which you are looking forward to rank organically.

The advantage of using PPC ads to test page attributes is basically the immediacy of the results. You will come to know which works and which doesn’t, while testing titles and metas can take their own time.

4) By incorporating e-commerce feeds into Adwords results

Google is doing a good job as far as the e-commerce is concerned. Now you can link some particular product pages to PPC ads. These ads simply feature the product with reviews and will take the user directly to the product page where the consumer can make a purchase. By doing this you can bring in more people and increase your online sales.

5) Using site search data to inform PPC keywords

The main objective of PPC ads is to know which keywords your consumers use while searching for your products or services. If you provide site search on your website and analyze the terms which are often used, you can certainly give valuable insight into your clients’ requirements and search patterns.

6) PPC with SEO in combating negative PR

At times you may find someone spreading negative about your business. If this happens the blend of PPC and SEO can be a great damage control. The principle of visibility as discussed in point number one can be used. You can simply guide the conversation more precisely if you can control the SEO and PPC results for a certain term.

7) By testing strategic organic keywords with PPC

The PPC ads are an effective method in refining your organic keyword strategy. The moment your long term organic keyword strategy consolidates, test the conversion rate of the keywords you want to rank with the help of PPC ads. You will get instant feedback on various organic keywords you test, hence can simply tune your strategy accordingly.

8) By trying split testing ads

By trying the split test, you can check which ad gets the most clicks; thus knowing the most relevant to the target audience. By doing so you can see the performance of every ad you try for your business. Once you know which ad is performing the best, you will be able to present SEO page in the most effective ways by using keywords which will pull the new visitors.

9) By trying the effective landing pages method

Google too helps you in your landing page with the split-test with its tool called website optimizer. The landing page which converts traffic is certainly more effective, hence you tune your entire pages as per the format of this particular page.

10) By social media visibility

The social media has changed things very dramatically. A part of this change has come due to theemergence of highly targeted advertising opportunities. The social site like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can help you get ads for very specific groups or target audiences. Hence you can collect more precise information about your target audiences with the help of Facebook user profile information.

With these data or using a SEO agency you can certainly refine your SEO strategy for better results.

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