7 reasons why you should use mini excavators

Unlike the large excavators, mini excavators are small and compact. They still perform the same work as the large excavators but they are good for smaller jobs. The machinery allows you to attach different size of buckets and various attachments. The demand for the mini machineries has been going up due to their innumerable selling points.

  1. They are easy to operate – Believe it or not, you can learn to use the mini excavators within minutes. You do not need experience to use the machinery; you can operate and use it immediately after learning how to use it.
  2. They produce less noise– When carrying out excavations in residential areas; the major challenge is the loud noise. The good thing with mini excavators is that they make less noise on cement and hard surfaces.
  3. Unlimited functionality – Some people are surprised to learn that mini excavators are as efficient as the large machines. They can swing 360 degrees and they can lift heavy loads. When loading in the dump truck, you only need to swing the bucket until it reaches the truck; no need for repositioning the dump truck for you to load.
  4. Easy to transport – People lease excavators when they have a project instead of buying them. One of the hurdles that you have to overcome is how to transport the excavator. With large excavators, it can be tricky as you need a truck big enough to carry it. You also need to secure the machinery properly. This is however not a challenge with small excavators. They can be transported easily. The cost of transporting the mini machine is much lower compared to the cost of transporting large excavators. The machines can fit in extended pickup beds or trucks with ease.
  5. Crannies and nooks are easy to maneuver – The main challenge of using the large excavators is their inability to operate in small spaces. The mini machinery can access even the tight spaces where the large excavator is incapable of accessing.
  6. They cause less damages – Since the equipment is small, it hardly ever scraps or grind the surfaces where they operate. Its small size makes it easy to transport because of the rubber tacks fitted during transportation as it prevents slipping. The small size of the excavator eliminates the need to tear down structures in order to make way for the machinery.
  7. They save money – When hiring the excavators, the mini excavators cost less as compared to the large ones. Transporting the large machinery costs more as you need to pay special permits to transport the machinery along the highway. With mini excavators, you do not need permits as you just load the machinery in a pickup and you are good to go. For someone to operate a mini excavator, you do not require a special driving license like in the case for full-sized excavators. You need a commercial diving license for you to operate the full-sized excavators. The savings made when hiring, transporting and operation a mini excavator hire are a big deal for any contractor.

Just because mini excavators are smaller than full-sized excavators does not mean that they are less efficient. In fact, they are a powerful and efficient as the large machinery. In addition, they can fit in small spaces where the large excavator is incapable of passing. You can therefore use mini excavators in long-term projects or for backyard digging project.

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