How to hire music entertainment for your wedding?

Just like it is imperative to hire a professional videographer or photographer for your wedding, it is also important to hire a professional music entertainment service provider. Ultimately, you want music played on your wedding day to suit your style. It should be memorable therefore the selection should complement and not eclipse your special day.

Below is a guide on how to hire a music entertainment service provider for your wedding.

  1. Set a budget

It may seem obvious, but often people overlook setting a budget and end up overspending on the overall wedding budget. Decide on the maximum amount you are willing to spend on music entertainment like Good Times. Your budget can range from zero in the case where a friend or relative offers to play for free at your wedding or thousands of dollars in the case of celebrity acts.

  1. Check in with your venue to ensure they allow entertainment

Some event venues require their clients to use a sound limiter so that the sound levels do not go beyond a certain point especially if it is hosting more than one event at a go. Also, if your music entertainment package includes a performance, ascertain that your venue has adequate space. Another key consideration in this regards is ensuring that there is adequate loading area for heavy entertainment equipment.

  1. Do a thorough market research

If you are considering hiring a celebrity for your wedding, you can start by looking at the internet on their social media pages and websites. Send emails or messages to the celebrities you are considering and wait for response to be able to secure an appointment.

Some celebrity acts require to be booked even a year in advance.

If looking for an entertainment agency, you can find some leads on the internet or from referrals from friends, relatives and collogues. The advantage of working with agencies is that they have contact with numerous entertainers and you can leverage on their pool to select one that would be suitable for your wedding

  1. Key considerations if you are hiring directly

If you choose to bypass agency services and hire a music entertainment service provider independently, ensure you clarify the details of your engagement.  Ensure that the service provider is available on the day of your event. Agree on how long the entertainer will be preforming for before taking breaks, costs and music sections. Also clarify insurance related issues so that it is clear who bears the burden of damage incase it occurs.

  1. Clarify about music selection

Will you have a DJ play organ music or a band perform live or a blend of both? If you can afford, a blend of both would be appealing to the guests. Agree on who will avail lighting and sound equipment.

Gather several quotes and based on their prices and proposed service delivery select one that is most suitable for you. Sign a mutual contract with the service provider or entertainer you hire detailing amount to be paid, payment method and specific of the services they will offer.

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