The Genesis of Grey Kitchens

People have in the recent past been changing their preference for kitchen colours from white to grey. This is a new thing as people used to associate grey with dark, depressing and drab appearances which are not ideal for a kitchen. Grey is sophisticated, stylish and intelligent in functionality and design.

Why the shift to grey?

You should consider the amount of light received in a room, size of kitchen and the direction the room faces before choosing kitchen furniture colours. For small kitchens, use grey only if there is plentiful amount of light entering the room. Talk to kitchen designers to help you understand light, space and colour when it comes to using grey in your kitchen. The beautiful look and quality feel of grey colour has attracted people to using grey in their kitchens.

Grey Kitchen Versatility

Grey can be used to satisfy different personal tastes by specific settings or moods in a kitchen. Light grey colours are good in creating a feeling of an elegant and relaxed kitchen. Dark tones are good if you are looking to create a more masculine or dramatic look. Since grey has comes in many tones, it can be combined with bold colours and it is good for most settings.

Inspiration for grey kitchen designs

Different grey handleless kitchen designs;

  1. Kitchen door painted in light grey

Light grey is clean and has a modern and refreshing look. Paint you walls white or in a darker colour to bring a subtle contrast.

  1. Finishes in Cashmere Kitchen

It is common for creating an inviting and warm kitchen. The finishes have a light reflecting quality and it eludes tasteful refinements.

  1. Anthracite kitchen in different finishes

Anthracite can be used on its own or together with another colour or texture. It comes in various finishes such as laminate, matt and gloss surfaces, and acrylic. Dark grey is good for large spaces or open plan kitchens.

  1. Carbonate metallic kitchen.

It is almost similar to anthracite kitchen but it has a surface shimmer which gives it an impressive finish. For handless doors, there is a streamlined handless unit which gives the door an elegant look.

  1. Basalt Grey kitchens

The kitchens have a rich tone of earth brown. After the finishing, the kitchen acquires a soothing and calm feeling. You can use neutral colours or combine vivid red splashbacks with black granite worktops. You can use handlesless, gloss or matt finishes.

  1. Cubanite kitchens and or Champagne kitchens  

The champagne door looks like a champagne cocktail while the cubanite door resembles a yellow-toned mineral. The two doors have a metallic finishes

  1. Grey Acacia Kitchens

Kitchen doors with this colour have a considerable, even and smooth wood grain effect. You can use it in places where the kitchen has two-tone arrangement.

  1. Beige Grey ‘Bristol’ Ash Lacquer Kitchens

It is good for use where a country or traditional kitchen is set up as the focal point of the home. When you combine the beige grey with other textures and tones of colour, it creates a feeling of a warm kitchen.

  1. Natural Concrete Grey Kitchens

It has such as a sophisticated appearance when used in any kitchen.

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