Understanding professional photography pricing

Whether you are portrait photographer, a wedding photographer, events photographer, family portrait photographer or whatever your photography specialty, one of the most common question you will get from potential customers is in regards to your pricing. There are many photographers in the marketplace but no standard pricing structure. Every one comes up with the prices they think are good enough for them. Some may charge as low as $50 while others as high as $5000. How then do you decide how much to charge for your professional photography services?

A look into what professional photography takes

Professional photography is more than owning a DSLR camera and taking photos. It takes planning lighting, outfits, camera angles and framing. Professional equipment is expensive as you require specialized lenses, professional memory cards and image processing software. It takes time to process the images and package them for presentation to clients. When deciding on your price factor in all these and ensure you get value for your time and skills.

Professional photography expenditures

Professional photographers Dublin incur a number of costs including advertising, taxes, insurances as well as equipment costs. Part of a photographer’s expenditure budget goes to sales, marketing and prospecting. Depending on the scope of a session, a photographer may need to hire additional talent to offer support in lighting, equipment handling and prepping the models.

High volume photographers wear out their cameras faster therefore may need to invest in new ones every couple of years. Camera accessories such as tripods, flashes, camera bags, batteries and many more can cost thousands more dollars.

Since most photography equipment is high end, equipment insurance is a must have. Liability insurance is also a necessity though it is cheaper that equipment liability. Photographers pay taxes from their earnings.

Different prices for different types of photography

Event photography prices will vary depending on event activities and length of time the event will last. For instance, a car rally kind of event requires high level of expertise as compared to shooting an organization’s AGM meeting.

Wedding photography is one of the most expensive photography services. While a client may wonder why it has to be very expensive. Consider the value of wedding photography. It will capture the memories of one special day of your lives and hold the memories for a lifetime. The photographer must stay alert throughout the wedding to capture every heart warming moment. In most cases, a professional wedding photography service will provide at least three cameras for the event so that to capture as many of the memories as possible.

When a client receives a good photo from a professional photography, it is not natural for them to think in details about all the that work went into producing that masterpiece. The reality is that a lot of work, time and resources go into any professional photography photo session. Therefore, the next time your photographer quotes a price higher than you expected, consider that the value they deliver is actually priceless. They capture special moments so that you can bring with them with you throughout your lifetime.

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