What kind of a job seeker are you?

There are numerous types of job search platform. All are not equal. Some methods of job search are more effective than others. That is why some people will land job opportunities faster than others. Ineffective job search can turn you into a serial job seeker which can be stressful and frustrating. Understanding the type of a job seeker you are will help you improve your job search efforts.

  1. The insider

This one depends on direct offers from employers. In most cases, an insider job seeker is well known to the organization that gives them the direct offer. You may be already an employee in an organization or the offer comes for a competitor or supplier. You may be actively looking for a new opportunity or may not be looking but are given an attractive offer.

  1. The star

This is when an employee is head hunted by a potential employer. Some organizations that anticipate a position opening, collect lists of candidates that they consider viable and reach out to them. After establishing that the potential employee is a good fit, they give them an irresistible offer to entice to work for them. Usually, a star is not an active job seeker.

  1. The inside tracker

This job seeker is actively looking for a job. They may be in a job but looking for better opportunities in a different organization or they may be in between jobs in Kilkenny. He has contacts in target organizations who provide the with information about the company and job openings. They then position themselves appropriately to fit into the target position. This kind of job seeker must have clarity of who they are, what they want, what they offer, research the target organization and be able to come up with a personal elevator speech.

  1. The navigator

The navigator is similar to the inside tracker only that they do not have contact base with the target organization and will need to establish it.  Some companies offer employees bonuses for introducing new hires. A navigator can benefit greatly by networking with employees form such companies.

  1. The Mountie

The Mountie relies on recruiters for their job search. The idea is to identify the best recruitment companies and properly present yourself. Note that using this approach to search for a job increases chances of success.

  1. The jockey

The jockey searches for vacancies on newspapers and company website job adverts. Unlike a Mountie, the jockey gets to send their CV directly to the organization that is hiring hence removing the middleman aspect brought about by recruiters.

  1. The donkey

The donkey relies on job boards for job search. Notably, job boards have the lowest success rate of about 2%. Therefore, if you focus only on job boards to spot a vacancy you may be interested in, it’s time to change your job search tactics.

Knowing the type of a job seeker you are is crucial in understanding what your stakes are and taking measures to increase your chances for success. The star and insider are passive job seekers and have a high success rate. The insider tracker and navigator also have a decent chance for success. the Mountie, Jockey and donkey follow the HR due process of hiring and face competitions from numerous other applicants.

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